Costa Rica: The Perfect Place for Nature Lovers to Go Off the Grid

A rugged, Central American country Costa Rica has its coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific. This rain forested country is known for its serene beaches, biodiversity, and volcanoes. Nearly one-fourth area of this country is under protected jungle that remains vibrant with wildlife, including quetzal birds and spider monkeys.

For nature lovers, this country has a lot in store and they can completely go off the grid here. The adventure parks in cities like Liberia Costa Rica are the perfect ones for such tourists. Further, book your stay in Costa Rica at one of the vacation rentals that is closer to nature so that you can explore more. Below are few of the must-visit places in Costa Rica for such nature enthusiasts.

Parque Nacional Tortuguero

Established in 1975, this constitutes the protected wilderness area on the northern Caribbean coast of the country spread across 120.5 mi². The beaches here are home to sea turtles, including endangered green turtles that use them as their nesting grounds. There are freshwater creeks and lagoons in this park that can be navigated by a canoe or a boat. You will find river turtles and spectacled caimans here.  

Arenal Volcano

This is an active andesitic stratovolcano 90 km northwest of San José. This volcano last erupted in 2010 and the rocks found here are nearly 7000 years old and hence geologically, it is considered as a young volcano. It was dormant for hundreds of years together and then it suddenly erupted in 1968.

Manuel Antonio National Park

This national park established in 1972 is on the central Pacific coast of the country. It has coral reefs, white-sand beaches, and rugged rainforest. It is home to a vast diversity of wildlife and tropical plants, including the three-toed sloths and the white-faced capuchin monkeys. Spread across 680 hectares, there are hiking trails going right from the coast up into the mountains.

A Lot of Outdoor Activities

Costa Rica offers a dizzying suite of outdoor activities for the people visiting here. There are brisk high-altitude trails, rainforest hikes rushing white-water rapids, and world-class surfing. There is something for everyone who visits this place. The adventure seekers can go for activities like canopy zip line, hiking, and canoeing, while others can enjoy the sun-dazed afternoon at one of the serene beaches or visit national parks or simmering volcanoes.

Annual Events

There are many annual events in Costa Rica that are quite popular like Fiestas Palmares, which happens in the month of January, Limon Carnival in October, Fiestas de Zapote that has rodeos and carnival rides and is held in late December or early January.

When to Visit Costa Rica?

The place primarily has a warm and tropical climate. If you are towards the Pacific coast, it is hotter and drier, while towards the mountainside it turns cooler and wetter. It rains during May – November and hence the peak visiting months are from November to April.

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